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Ditch the to-do list treadmill and become the visionary leader you were meant to be. 

I will help you streamline operations, implement winning systems, and build a profitable, flexible business that thrives on your terms.

Ksenia Derouin

I understand the exhaustion of spending endless hours at your desk, feeling perpetually behind.

It's as if your business controls you, instead of the other way around.

This often leads to burnout, overwhelming stress, and a growing resentment towards a business that once sparked excitement.

I've experienced this myself.

But here's the uplifting reality - you have the option to transform your business into a streamlined, efficient operation where you're truly in command. It's a deliberate choice.

With my consulting and OBM services, VIP days, and tailored templates, you'll focus on the tasks that genuinely drive revenue. By delegating the rest and concentrating on your unique strengths, your business will shift from a state of chaos and confusion to one of clarity and manageability.

Whether you have an existing business and are ready for new growth or plan to create a new one, I can guide you by providing efficient structure and developing a strategy so you can focus on your passion, purpose, and contribution.

How you can work with me

KD consulting


Ksenia Derouin


KD consulting


With structure, strategy, constructive feedback, and inspired brainstorming sessions, I’ve been able to take my business into a successful six-figure company and expand into having my own team.

Leah Morris

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